Datacenter Design, Build,Consolidation and Migration

In today’s marketplace, your business relies on technology to gain a competitive advantage. Next-generation technologies, such as mobile computing, virtualization and cloud computing, are driving the need for datacenters to have more power, cooling and higher-speed connectivity. Promin Group, with its high level of expertise, delivers datacenter solutions that are not only state of the art but also cost effective, reliable, and secure. Datacenter solutions that we deliver are in compliant with business continuity plans of our customers. Therefore, in case of any disasters or hardware failures, mission critical services will not be interrupted.

In order to provide high-end solutions, we work with our customers to understand their core business and values, which drives the requirements of our designs. Our engineers will follow ‘House of Quality’ model to determine the customer requirements and their associated importance for our customers. By implementing that, we ensure that the solutions we provide to our customers are “lean”.

As Promin Group, we provide datacenter migration, which is data and equipment safe, seamless and simple. Our project managers creates a project plan which is driven based on the following requirements:

  • Project scope and scale analysis
  • Budgeting requirements
  • Timeline requirements
  • Risk assessments
  • Asset inventory and spare parts requirements
  • Data migration requirements and methodologies

Then our engineers design virtual and physical migration, data capacity, network capacity, where project managers determine the transportation method and finalizes gap analysis. Once our customers approve the design, our solution provider team who has extensive background experience with migration and consolidation, executes the migration against the pre-determined project plan.

Datacenter Migration/Relocation Service Highlights
1) Discovery and planning phase:·       Development of timelines and schedules·       Inventory preparation

·       Virtual system migration review

·       Data capacity and migration review

·       Network capacity review

·       Transportation method determination

·       Spare parts gap analysis development

3) Post relocation phase:·       Validation of relocated systems/services·       Optimization of systems/services

·       Implementation of back-up policies

·       Delivery of hardware/ server inventory and datacenter escalation

·       Delivery of application inventory

·      Delivery of run-book (which includes background information and procedures of operating implemented systems)

2) Relocation phase:·       Oversight and management of relocation activities·       De-installation of all systems

·       IT asset packaging

·       Loading of transportation vehicles

·       Data migration and synchronization for virtual moves

·       P2V and V2V migration

·       Transportation of data center equipment

·       Installation of equipment in pre-designated locations

·       Hardware functionality checks once equipment is powered on

·       Migration and virtual systems testing at new location

·       Systems repair if required

·       Clean-up and removal of packing materials


2. Virtualization

Promin Group provides virtualization services at enterprise level as well as end user level. For enterprises, ………

For end users, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an intelligent desktop virtualization solution that delivers enterprise-class control and manageability while retaining operating system user interface same as physical desktops. With VDI the end user gets a complete, unmodified virtual desktop that behaves just like a normal PC while the organization receives the benefits of standard environments and centralized management without significant new capital expenditures.

Desktop virtualization enables companies to offer a “Bring Your Own Device” program. Virtual desktop is fast becoming the dominant technology that allows employees to choose from a wide range of devices—tablets, laptops and smart phones—and encounter a uniform experience across the devices.

A streamlined virtual desktop infrastructure offers a number of benefits that enhance security for the business, while providing greater control at the user endpoint.


Virtual desktop infrastructure is:

Flexible – The user desktop is decoupled from the device to allow access from any device, anywhere, as long as network connectivity is available.

Scalable – Companies can improve utilization of computing resources by quickly provisioning or de-provisioning desktops for users and external contractors.

Secure – Corporate data is stored in one location, rather than on individual machines, so 100 percent of the user’s actions occur within the data center and are encrypted.

Accessible – Self-service and applications-on-demand make it easier for employees to accomplish their work, and it facilitates desktop administration and hardware support for companies.

Economical – By centralizing and streamlining desktop management, companies can reduce operating expenses. For example, 5-15%.

Promin Group solution provider team can support the following technologies/brands:



GAP Analysis

Server Support

Desktop Support

Mobile Support

EMOS Executive Management Online system implementations