CBFNo blame-game in between Infrastructure , application, storage, network and security teams

No gap in between business departments and IT

With “CBF” program we cover them all for your organization and;

  • Manage your Infrastructure
  • Manage your storage, backup and recovery
  • Manage your application performance
  • Manage your Information security
  • Manage relations in between business departments and Information Technology teams

You will;

  • Get your own dedicated bandwidth
  • Get your own dedicated “IP” address associated with your DNS record
  • Get your own servers (full access for your IT or managed by our engineers)
  • Get your own Storage (full access for your IT or managed by our engineers)
  • Get up to 24/7 Support (according to the package that you choose)
  • Have no license fee’s or versioning involved

Our team will;

  • Enforce your IT policies, SLA’s and procedures for you
  • Cover your service desk functions, incident management and escalation procedures
  • Cover your intrusion detection and security functions
  • Monitor your application performance and tie it up to our ITIL processes
  • Design your Disaster Recovery procedures in cooperation with your teams
  • Manage Security and patch management

Core Business Functions Support;

  • Manage/install your mission critical applications
  • Manage application availability, process control and performance metrics
  • Manage storage and backup procedures
  • Manage network availability
  • Application patch and version management with the vendor (through change management)
  • User management
  • Cover all service desk functions

Best Part of the CBF program

  • FaaS “Function as a Service” logic no blame game. Either it work or not! That simple.
  • Calculated risk model. Control of your business throttle is always on your hands,
  • Pay as you go. No annual contract necessary. Pay monthly!
  • Simple bundled pricing
  • Get your monthly SLA report, last week of every month and renew your monthly contract after approving all the services.
  • All analytics, variables, necessary information to run your business, will be tie-up to your future Executive Management Online System. “EMOS”